Simitless has launched 60 apps in the past days

Simitless has launched 60 apps in the past days
Simitless has launched 60 apps in the past days

This "60 apps, in 60 days" challenge was a long time in the making. Simitless, the platform enabling this feat was a long time in the making, to be more precise. Thanks to everyone involved, thanks for your suggestions, and thanks for all the support.

Take advantage today, and start using one of the 60 application models launched by Simitless, in 60 days.

  1. Simitless helps bloggers and small content creators stay on course with their editorial guidelines.

    App 1/60: Blog Post manager
  2. Simitless helps mentors and coaches manage their clients lists.

    App 2/60: Customers and Prospects Emailing Management for Coach (Simplest CRM)
  3. Simitless helps individuals, families, as well as small work teams to get organized in their tasks.

    App 3/60: Todo list
  4. Simitless helps teams improve their work performance with the help of a simple yet powerful activity monitoring tool.

    App 4/60: Weekly Report
  5. Simitless helps your agents and technicians in the follow-up of their technical interventions and maintenance operations reports.

    App 5/60: Intervention tracking and reporting
  6. Simitless helps small organizations (i.e. town halls, co-working spaces, small businesses, conference centers) manage the reservation and occupancy of their premises.

    App 6/60: Meeting Room Manager - Room Booking
  7. Simitless helps managers track their teams' tasks quickly and efficiently.

    App 7/60: Simple team tasks management (Team Todo List)
  8. Simitless helps businesses track their couriers geographically.

    App 8/60: Agent location Tracking and Reporting
  9. Simitless helps managers to effectively monitor their business projects

    App 9/60: Projects Tracker
  10. Simitless helps retail chains manage information about their shops.

    App 10/60: Shops locations
  11. Simitless helps small-scale manufacturing workshops upgrade their productivity by automating the tracking of their production orders.

    App 11/60: Fabrication Time Tracker
  12. Simitless enables associations and small businesses to improve their teams’ satisfaction and develop their democratic self-management processes by introducing an internal voting application.

    App 12/60: Team Idea Polling
  13. Simitless helps jobseekers organize their job search and applications.

    App 13/60: Job search
  14. Simitless helps office managers, secretaries and other administrative functionaries manage their office supplies’ inventory.

    App 14/60: Equipment Inventory Manager
  15. Simitless helps businesses manage their expenses and track reimbursement by offering a sleek solution to keep expense report transmission simple, easy and fast.

    App 15/60: Expense Tracker
  16. Simitless helps mentors and coaches develop their activity by enabling them to set up a clear and up-to-date courses catalog.

    App 16/60: Training Catalog
  17. Simitless helps teams to better advance in their work.

    App 17/60: Kanban Work Management
  18. Simitless helps professionals keep track of their client projects.

    App 18/60: Client Project Tracker
  19. Simitless helps technical support services follow up on escalated issues.

    App 19/60: Issue Tracker
  20. Simitless helps companies track projects carried out by subcontractors.

    App 20/60: Contractor Project Tracker
  21. Simitless helps sales teams synchronize their efforts on organizing their sales funnel.

    App 21/60: Simple Sales Pipeline
  22. Simitless helps customer support services track support tickets.

    App 22/60: Customer Service Tracker
  23. Simitless helps resellers manage their product inventory.

    App 23/60: Product Inventory Manager
  24. Simitless helps recruiters organize their recruiting processes.

    App 24/60: Recruitment Manager (Very Simple ATS)
  25. Simitless helps companies manage their subcontractors.

    App 25/60: (Sub)Contractor Management
  26. Simitless helps academics and businesses organize their workshops, seminars and training sessions.

    App 26/60: Seminar Workshop Planner
  27. Simitless helps property owners and supervisors manage their portfolio of rental properties.

    App 27/60: Property Rental Management
  28. Simitless helps the bride and groom plan their big day.

    App 28/60: Wedding Plan
  29. Simitless helps charities and non-profits organize their donation campaigns.

    App 29/60: Donation Campaign Manager
  30. Simitless helps webmasters manage their sites.

    App 30/60: Website Manager
  31. Simitless helps quote aficionados organize their collection.

    App 31/60: Quotes Collection
  32. Simitless helps system administrators manage their hardware infrastructure.

    App 32/60: Hardware tracker
  33. Simitless helps bookworms catalog their collection

    App 33/60: Book Collection
  34. Simitless helps donor organizations manage scholarship and grant applications.

    App 34/60: Grant applicant tracker
  35. Simitless helps event planners manage their volunteers.

    App 35/60: Event Volunteer Manager
  36. Simitless helps academics and businesses organize their conferences.

    App 36/60: Conference Planner
  37. Simitless helps clubs manage their members.

    App 37/60: Club Membership
  38. Simitless helps creators keep track of the intellectual property statuses of the elements they use in their creations

    App 38/60: Intellectual Property Tracker
  39. Simitless helps human resources departments manage their job openings catalog.

    App 39/60: Job Listings
  40. Simitless helps small businesses manage their orders.

    App 40/60: Purchase Tracker
  41. Simitless helps sellers track their outgoing orders.

    App 41/60: Order fulfillment Tracker
  42. Simitless helps small libraries manage their collection and loans.

    App 42/60: Small Library Manager
  43. Simitless helps teams organize more effective meetings.

    App 43/60: Meeting Notes
  44. Simitless helps you organize your house hunting.

    App 44/60: Home Hunting
  45. Simitless helps writers plan their novels.

    App 45/60: Story Planning
  46. Simitless helps growing companies improve their internal communication.

    App 46/60: Employee Directory
  47. Simitless helps human resources managers manage the company's workforce.

    App 47/60: Workforce Manager
  48. Simitless helps café and restaurant owners manage their menu.

    App 48/60: Food Menu
  49. Simitless helps receptionists keep records of visits to your premises.

    App 49/60: Company Visitor Log
  50. Simitless helps associations manage their funding by effectively tracking their grant applications

    App 50/60: Nonprofit Grant Application Tracker
  51. Simitless helps you plan your next trip.

    App 51/60: Trip Planner
  52. Simitless helps journalists organize their interviews

    App 52/60: Interview Log
  53. Simitless helps marketers and sales agents segment their mailing lists.

    App 53/60: Segmented Mailing List
  54. Simitless helps families and friends stay in touch.

    App 54/60: Personal CRM
  55. Simitless helps your family save up.

    App 55/60: Shops Price Tracker
  56. Simitless helps you pick the best gifts for every occasion.

    App 56/60: Gift Ideas Planner
  57. Simitless helps your business keep your branding coherent.

    App 57/60: Branding Media Directory
  58. Simitless helps companies improve their internal organization.

    App 58/60: Company Organization chart
  59. Simitless helps teams manage their login information better.

    App 59/60: Online Accounts Credentials
  60. Simitless helps companies track and weigh up their competition

    App 60/60: Competitor Features Tracking
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