Simitless helps organizers plan their conferences

Simitless helps academics and businesses organize their conferences.
Simitless helps academics and businesses organize their conferences.

App 36/60: Conference Planner

Simitless helps academics and businesses organize their conferences.

You have been assigned the responsibility (and the honor) to organize an event that should end up being considered as Cause Celebre within your organization for weeks or months to come. A one-of-a-kind, exemplary event to raise the bar for good management practices, skillful knowledge transmission, smooth execution, and an overall bon vivant atmosphere of amicability and hospitality.

But how to start on such a daunting task, you wonder? And then it dawns on you. Before taking any action, you should determine what it is you need to be doing in the first place. And this latter task relies on data and information. This is your primary objective - gathering information and collecting data. The best way of doing it? Naturally, with Simitless.

Simitless has a solution for all your conference management needs: a conference management application model. Simply consult the model, then click the " Use this model" button to create your own copy of the app. To save your progress, think of creating an account by following the instructions on the green buttons! Once your application has been created from the model provided, invite everybody, who is going to participate in helping you to organize the event, to join the application by creating a Simitless account.  ( Edit app Access rights). Quick side note: you don’t need to invite everyone, planning on attending the event, i.e. visitors, guests, volunteers, to join the app. Keep it simple and send the invitation only to those who take an active part in managing the conference.

Once your app is created, you can commence populating your app with data. Start by adding:

  • individual events into the calendar, accessible via the main screen of the application ( Session),
  • your teammates and volunteers into the conference staff directory ( Staff),
  • the presenters and guests you have invited into the speaker management table ( Speaker),
  • your purchases and suppliers into the table, dedicated to managing purchases and suppliers... ( Supplier Purchase).

The structure of each of the above tables can be changed to exactly match your needs and the way you want to organize and run the event. You can add more information fields and more data types. To do this, simply go to the edit menu of your application: Edit App Edit data types.

And what do you know? Your conference planning application is all set up and ready to go. All in a span of no more than a few minutes. Could you have thought this possible? And yet, here you are! Now just add some attendees ( Attendees) and register them to the sessions they want to attend, and you are done!

All that is left for you to do is to revel in the knowledge that your organization is helping to create a better world by making it simple and easy to share the knowledge and the experience, be it personal or professional, with as many willing learners as possible.

To go further, you can add additional fields (or remove some), depending on how you want to operate. For example, you can add a list of available equipment, add management of places, rooms, checkpoints, etc.

If you want more features, but don't think you know how to modify your application yourself, talk to your local IT specialist, we will support them in setting up your system for you! For a limited time, while we are working on setting up our consultant network, we can personally assist you with getting your system up and running.

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