Simitless helps event planners manage their volunteers.

Simitless helps event planners manage their volunteers.
Simitless helps event planners manage their volunteers.

App 35/60: Event Volunteer Manager

Simitless helps event planners manage their volunteers.

Say, you are in charge of setting up an event that should be the talk of the town for weeks or, hopefully, months to come. And you're in luck – a lot of your friends have volunteered to help you out in organizing this festival of joy and good humor. All that is left to be done is the small business of planning who will be present at which event, where, and when. And, keep in mind to consider everybody’s preferences and availabilities. Simples! Although, you do get a strange feeling that the whole thing is turning out to be a bit more than what you bargained for. So now, your most important question is the question of “How”. How to make the best use of all the resources you have at hand, without losing your mind in all the planning procedures? 

Simitless is here to help, as it already has an answer to your question of “how” – an application model geared towards managing the volunteers when organizing an event that requires organizing and managing the presence of several volunteers in different places. Consult the application model, then click the " Use this model" button to create your own copy of the app. Simitless is a system that adapts to your needs. Plus, it is risk-free. How so, you wonder? Well, Simitless does not require any disproportionate investment upfront to set your application up and running: try out the app first and then pay only for the necessary resources. At any time, you can either improve and grow your application, or, on the contrary, reduce its size and cut down on its capabilities. We developed Simitless with one core idea in mind – to make an application that would adapt itself to the way you work, not the other way around. To save your progress, think of creating an account by following the instructions on the green buttons! Once your application has been created from the model provided, invite the people who are going to be involved in organizing the event, to join the application by creating a Simitless account. ( Edit app Access rights). Keep in mind that you probably won’t need to invite all volunteers, chances are, most of them won’t have a management role.

Once your application is created, you can start inputting the events into the calendar, accessible via the main screen of the application ( Event). Once you are done with inputting the events, you can continue to the volunteer management screen ( Volunteer). Here you can create a record for each volunteer either by clicking the button or by importing a list of existing volunteers, using the import function .

Having done that, you can go on to assign the needed volunteers for each event on the record of each event. Once you do that, the record for each volunteer will reflect the new information added and each volunteer would have the event they have been added to carry over to their profile. All that is left for you to do is to print a "service sheet" for each volunteer.

Congratulations! In just a few clicks, you have managed to create your own volunteer and event management application. Leaving you plenty of time to actually enjoy the event you have been charged with organizing. A perfect example of how you can have your cake and eat it too, don’t you think? All thanks to your foresight and good management.

But you don’t need to stop there. Go ahead and add (or remove) supplementary fields, to make the app work for you and not the other way round. For example, you can add a list of available equipment, add a module dedicated to managing the event’s locations, i.e. rooms, checkpoints, or stages (depending on your event needs). Why not even add a "keynote speakers" management module, for instance? To add fields, proceed as follows:

  • Use the application menu (top right)
  • Modify app
  • Edit data types
  • In the data type tree, click (add a data type)
  • Find the type of field you want to use and add it to your app.

You can then move the field within the data type tree to reorganize its position in the record and play with its options to modify its behavior and its graphic aspects.

If you want more features, but don't think you know how to modify your application yourself, talk to your local IT specialist, we will support them in setting up your system. For a limited time and during the development of our consultant network, we can also intervene directly to assist you.

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