The "Simitless 60" Challenge

Today is a good day...
Today is a good day...

After several years of sleepless nights, rigorous development, bug-hunting, and liters of coffee, I am happy to share with you all the fine-tuned and powerful tool, rich in features and possibilities, that is Simitless! In fact, it is exactly the breadth and the flexibility of its features that are unique to Simitless that have convinced the early adopters to unreservedly switch to the platform to create their data management applications, to maintain a simple intranet, or even to manage certain elements of their family's life.

Yet despite Simitless’ strong suits, there remains one considerable problem. The news of the platform seems to have passed under the radar. Indeed, being the sole creator of the service (yes, you read that right, I have been working on Simitless all by my lonesome), my investment possibilities are limited. What that means is that Simitless has neither a separate dedicated marketing service nor any extra funds for paid advertising. Already very early in the project, I decided to keep the costs down as much as possible and to reduce any superfluous expenses, to not need to call on external investors. I always wanted to maintain a policy of affordable prices, based on the real cost of the service and the long-term value that the users can derive from it.

With all these considerations in mind, today, I have decided to launch myself a challenge. And I hope that this challenge could help start a small movement of adoption. The idea behind the challenge is to showcase Simitless’ potential to quickly create small information management applications. And with that, here goes :

60 apps, in 60 days.

Yes, I plan to launch 60 applications (60 pieces of software!) in 60 days, as a solo founder.

I already have a list of apps that have inspired some interest. And I do hope to receive more suggestions along the way. (Contact me !)

Here are some of the examples :

  • A blog content management application as used for this blog
  • A customer and prospect management application for coaches and mentors
  • Applications around to-do lists
  • Reporting applications
  • Physical space management applications
  • A simple project management application
  • Inventory tracker applications
  • Sales tracking applications
  • Recruitment tracking applications
  • ...

This list will definitely undergo some changes over the next two months. Huh, that gives me an idea! Give me 2 minutes, to create a small application for tracking the applications of this challenge.

Here it is: (The app probably received some more improvements after a few days.)

So, the way the challenge is going to run is as follows. I hope to be able to launch a new app on Simitless every day. In addition, I am going to write an article on this blog detailing the thinking behind and the method of creating said app. But most importantly, I am going to give use case examples for the app and best practices tips and tricks.

I am convinced that this "small" challenge would benefit the users of the platform, as well as Simitless and its entire ecosystem. You see, not only do I hope to set in motion a word-of-mouth promotional campaign of the platform and to maybe get some press coverage in independent blogs or, who knows, even in the niche media. Hopes aside, what is certain is that this challenge will allow me to develop in a record time a catalog of applications that I am going to make available on the platform that will inspire new users to quickly start creating unique applications of their own.

In other words, my goal is not solely to create some buzz and to facilitate the adoption of the system, but to quickly generate a catalog of available applications that would serve as a starting point for most simple business uses.

Although currently, my availability will probably be rather limited, in the future, I am planning on setting up an additional support service for users who do not want to bother with creating their applications themselves. That way, they could have recourse to a dedicated consultant, who in their turn could assist the users in setting up an app on Simitless that would meet the users’ exact needs.

What do you think of the concept? Do you feel like helping other users build their apps? Why not become a professional consultant?

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