Simitless helps donor organizations manage grant applications

Simitless helps donor organizations manage scholarship and grant applications.
Simitless helps donor organizations manage scholarship and grant applications.

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Simitless helps donor organizations manage scholarship and grant applications.

You have pledged to make the world more equitable, more just, more generous. In the spirit of paying it forward, your organization started offering grants and scholarships to the most deserving applicants. Although you wish you could help and support each and every one of these young and passionate contenders, alas, your resources, both financial and emotional, are only finite. Overwhelmed as you are, you would give a lot for some assistance in processing the applications for the scholarships you offer. Now, all that is left to do is to actually make a choice in favor of one or the other contender. And you must be sure that it is the right choice, as your ultimate goal is to maximize the potential impact of your generous grant. But how does one even start sorting through the mountains of submitted paperwork? And how can one easily exchange thoughts and ideas on the select profiles of the contenders with the collaborators?

All these questions can easily be answered, once you get acquainted with the Simitless platform. Simitless offers you an application model that will make the management of the applications for your scholarships and grants as easy as pie. That is to say, should you decide to give the app a go, you will be able to judge for yourself how much work the app does for you to avoid mistakes, improve collaboration, and render all decision-making better, faster, and more efficient. How can Simitless do all this, you wonder? Simply by centralizing all your important information in one secure application.

Consult the application model, then click the " Use this model" button to create your own copy of the app. Simitless is a system that adapts to your needs. Plus, it is risk-free. How so, you wonder? Well, Simitless does not require any disproportionate investment upfront to set your application up and running: try out the app first and then pay only for the necessary resources. At any time, you can either improve and grow your application, or, on the contrary, reduce its size and cut down on its capabilities. We developed Simitless with one core idea in mind – to make an application that would adapt itself to the way you work, not the other way around. To save your progress, think of creating an account by following the instructions on the green buttons! Once your application has been created from the model provided, invite all your employees and colleagues to join the application by creating a Simitless account. ( Edit app Access rights)

To start configuring your application, click on the app’s main menu to add the scholarships your organization offers Grant . A scholarship (or grant), as defined by this model, consists of a title, a sum, and several descriptions such as the objectives, advantages, conditions and criteria as defined by your management committee. You can modify this structure at any time to fit your own guidelines ( Edit app Edit data types).

As to the records, pertaining to the applicants themselves, you will find that they contain fairly standard fields such as the applicant’s name and contact information. For each applicant, you can create one or more requests, thus linking an applicant to one or more scholarships. Each request enables you to add the supporting documents received and to schedule an interview. A status gauge lets you see the progress of the request at a glance. As with the rest of the app, you can modify these statuses to match your decision cycle.

Now you have a simple, yet powerful grant management app that allows you to efficiently manage the applications your organization receives. Moreover, you can collaborate and delegate tasks related to the different stages of the application process more efficiently, thus saving yourself time and freeing up your mind from dealing with purely administrative duties.

Indeed, the Simitless platform is so flexible that it allows you to set up an open application that would enable the grant candidates to submit their application for the scholarship directly via your app without having to bother setting up an account at all. All you have to do, as the app creator, is to make certain adjustments in the app settings and tweak access rights and roles parameters, thus integrating the actual application form that the candidates can fill out into your grant management system.

If you want more features, but don't think you know how to modify your application yourself, talk to your local IT specialist, we will support them in setting up your system for you! For a limited time, while we are working on setting up our consultant network, we can personally assist you with getting your system up and running.

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