Simitless helps jobseekers organize their job search and applications

Simitless helps jobseekers organize their job search and applications.
Simitless helps jobseekers organize their job search and applications.

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Simitless helps jobseekers organize their job search and applications.

Say, you are looking for a job. It may be a simple and rather unchallenging position that you are after, as long as it can quench your thirst for stability. Or maybe you are yearning for a new adventure.

Be it as it may, searching for a job requires a lot of organization to optimize your time. After all, you want to be able to contact and follow up with employers effectively. You want to be sure about the version of the CV you’ve submitted and when exactly you’ve submitted it. In a word, looking for a job is a full-time job in itself!

This is where Simitless comes into play. Simitless offers you an app template that makes tracking your job search a child’s play. Simply click " Use this model" button to get started. But what is Simitless, you might wonder. Well, Simitless is a system that provides you with app templates for any and all parts of your data-driven life and business! Moreover, it adapts to your needs and is, to top it all, risk-free. To save your progress, think of creating an account by following the instructions on the green buttons!

For each job you apply to, simply create a record and input the job title, the company, a link to the job ad, and go on preparing your application. Moreover, the app enables you to attach documents to each individual record to keep the exact track of what documents you attach to each individual application, i.e. the precise version of the CV you want to send, a possible cover letter, etc.

Once you submit the application, input the submission date to ensure proper tracking of your application. In addition, you can input the date and time of your scheduled interview. To top it all up, you can add a follow-up date so that you can easily filter through the companies that you should recontact each day.

The “Notes” field allows you to add more details regarding the job posting: for example, somebody in your network has recommended that you should apply to this position, or maybe you know someone who is working for this company...

But that is not all the data this app can muster, for you can go a level deeper if you click the tabs at the top of the form. Here, you’ll find (and can add even more!) information regarding the recruiter for each job you are applying to. And for each recruiter, you can add more detailed information about who they are, how you can contact them, outline their affinities and preferences, leave notes on their interview style, in order to better prepare yourself for an in person meeting.

To sum it up, your new app allows you to keep track of your applications in order to land the job of your dreams.

If you feel like you need still more intelligence, you are free to add supplementary information fields. For example, you can add a block of text to copy the details of the ad. That way, you will always have your own copy of the ad on hand.

  • Use the app menu (top right)
  • Edit app
  • Edit data types
  • In the data types tree, click (add a data type)
  • Enter "Ad" in the search field
  • Select the " Create field" tab
  • Select Text bloc
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