Simitless helps businesses track their couriers geographically

Simitless helps managers track their teams' tasks quickly and efficiently.
Simitless helps managers track their teams' tasks quickly and efficiently.

App 8/60: Agent location Tracking and Reporting

Simitless helps businesses track their couriers geographically.

As an up and coming delivery business, you have your whole fleet of delivery vehicles circulating throughout your region (if not the entire country or continent!) every single day. The operations are running smoothly, your company seems to be receiving positive feedback from your customers, but there is always a “but”. As it happens, your couriers can’t be on the phone all the time to report back on their progress. At the same time, you or your colleagues are not always onsite back at the office and, thus, unable to take the calls. As a result, certain data and information can either not reach you or get lost altogether. A very discouraging situation on the one hand, but on the other hand, you realize that you cannot invest into a fleet tracking system, as these are very expensive and either too complex or too intrusive for your needs.

When you think of what you’d like a makeshift fleet tracking system to track, you admit that you don't need a second-by-second location tracking of your couriers. All you want is to track the general progress of your deliveries to be able to assist your couriers, if need be, to reschedule part of deliveries or to rearrange the order of your deliveries.

This is exactly what Simitless has in store for you - a small, simple application that allows your couriers to update the position of the vehicles on a geographical map. Click " Use this model" button to copy the application template provided into your workspace and start adding records for each of your vehicles. Simitless is a system that adapts to your needs and is, to top it all, risk-free. To save your progress, think of creating an account by following the instructions on the green buttons!

Invite your couriers to create an account ( Edit App Access rights), then, at the time of delivery, the courier only has to open the record corresponding to his vehicle and click on " Activate tracking".

The device, i.e. the mobile phone, that opened the app page will be pinged and tracked every few minutes (the ping step is set to 10 minutes by default) as long as the app page remains open. (Current mobile web technologies do not allow tracking when the web application is closed.)

For optimal use, we suggest that the courier opens the record of their vehicle in the app at each delivery or rest stop, thus updating their location that can be consulted by your colleague onsite in the office in real time. As a result, no need for the courier to call the office to update you or your colleague on the progress of the delivery. If you want to track additional aspects of the delivery progress, simply add the desired information fields to the structure of your application and these will appear in the record of each vehicle.

  • Use the app menu (top right)
  • Edit app
  • Edit data types
  • In the data types tree, click (add a data type)
  • Enter "Notes" in the search field
  • Select Notes

This application provides you a simple tracking tool, without frills, without complexity.

In the future, Simitless is thinking of developing a small native mobile application (Android first) that will allow geographic tracking without having to keep the web app page open. If this module has piqued your interest, and you would like to use it, contact us.

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