Simitless helps managers track their teams' tasks

Simitless helps managers track their teams' tasks quickly and efficiently.
Simitless helps managers track their teams' tasks quickly and efficiently.

App 7/60: Simple team tasks management (Team Todo List)

Simitless helps managers track their teams' tasks quickly and efficiently.

Say, you are a team manager. You assign (or you don’t...) a number of tasks to the members of your team, you carefully structure and define (or you don’t...) said tasks and set a deadline (or you don’t...) to these tasks. Unfortunately, as it happens, certain tasks slip through the cracks, and most fail to be completed by the set deadline. The post-its with the to-do lists seem to have a mind of their own - one moment they were right there where you left them, stuck to your monitor, and the next moment - they are gone! The members of the team you manage either keep insisting that they’ve never received any requests from you, or simply cannot remember the last little task you assigned to them last time you crossed them in the hallway between the coffee machine and that new plant (which needs watering, by the way).

Other teams don't even dare ask you anything anymore, seeing how overworked you are, simply trying to make sure everybody else continues doing their work. Have you never wondered why you should spend all your time checking on everybody and chasing after updates, when you could simply set up a management system that could help you track the information in a simple, well-defined, centralized manner?

Simitless offers you this exact system in a form of an application for monitoring your company’s tasks. At its core lies the simple model of declared responsibility in the field of task management that rests on three fundamental questions of “Who?”, “Does what?”, “By when?”.

This application is already available on the Simitless platform, you can evaluate it by yourself by consulting the model below. Then, simply click the " Use this model" to get started. Simitless is a system that adapts to your needs and is, to top it all, risk-free. To save your progress, think of creating an account by following the instructions on the green buttons!

Invite members of your team to create their own account ( Edit App Access rights), and start adding the tasks from the to-do list that you keep in your head . By default, the platform provides the functionalities of edition monitoring and changes history for the title of each field and for each record form. All you have to do is, for each task, select the person among the users of the application that you have invited to join (tackling the “Who?” question), detail the actions they need to take to complete the task (that would be the “Does what?” question) and setting a deadline (thus, addressing the “By when?” question).

Now you can follow up on the tasks of your teams in a simple and efficient way. Your mind is free. You work less and achieve (perchance even earn?) more. A dream come true, don;t you think?

Okay, enough with daydreaming, your new system is all set up, time to get back to reality and go get your kids from school... Or walk your dog, or how about watching a movie!

As a bonus: here are some very interesting podcasts on the topic of management techniques that have inspired this application

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