Simitless helps you in your search for accommodation.

Simitless helps you organize your house hunting.
Simitless helps you organize your house hunting.

App 44/60: Home Hunting

Simitless helps you organize your house hunting.

You have decided that now is the time for you to look for a new abode. Maybe you got a new job in a new city. Or, maybe your family is growing, and you need more space. Be it as it may, your mind is made up. New accommodation is what you need, and new accommodation is what you’ll get. Now, how to best organize your housing search, if you want to be able to discuss and compare the options with all your family members? What is the best way to ensure effective communication that would lead to everyone being satisfied with the choice of the new home? After all, all you ever wanted with this new dwelling was to lay the foundation of happiness for the whole family. 

Now, Simitless might not be able to guarantee that your house search is going to be a quick and easy one or that everyone in your family will immediately agree on what/how/where/when they want. Yet, it definitely has some aces up its sleeve - like a dedicated application model aimed at mitigating organizational nightmares that house hunting necessarily brings with it, helping you avoid mistakes and oversights, facilitating effective collaboration and communication with your life partner and/or your housemates. Consult the application model, then click the " Use this model" button to create your own copy of the app. To save your progress, think of creating an account by following the instructions on the green buttons! . Once your application has been created from the model provided, invite whoever you want to join the app by creating a Simitless account ( Edit app Access rights).

This particular application – because Simitless has an application for any and all spheres of life, be it work, hobby, events, tasks, education, you name it! – has only one type of data: a table of potential homes ( Property). Use the button to create a record per property that has piqued your interest. In this record, input such data as the address of the property, its surface area, and its rent amount (by the way, this field can be changed to display the purchase price instead, if you are looking to buy property instead of renting). Go on and add a link to an ad (if there is one), then an arranged visit date, a rating this property is getting from you, and the seller’s/landlord’s/realtor’s name and contact details. Lastly, a simple text box at the bottom of the record enables you to jot down your observations, ideas, or questions regarding said property, all in the spirit of keeping things clean, clear, and organized.

Et voilà! As simple as that, you have an app that allows you to share your observations, organize your visits, keep your appointments and avoid communication errors. You can even add a few images of your potential new nest, and from your smartphone at that, all thanks to Simitless' mobile interface.

We at Simitless wish you the best of luck in organizing your search and of course, best wishes of happiness for you in your new place!

By the way, if, when you are just starting out looking for a new home, you are not sure about what is important to all of you in your new place, why not organize a brainstorming session? That way, you can easily jot down all the possible ideas that might seem secondary at first glance, but may become a make-or-brake feature that can decide the fate of your new dwelling. Do you remember when we mentioned that Simitless has apps for all the different spheres of life? Well, guess what? Simitless has an app for this eventuality as well: an app that enables you to cast your votes on the ideas proposed. But, if you prefer to keep things simple, you can just create a new data type, containing a bullet point list. To create this new type, proceed as follows:

  • Use the application menu (top right)
  • Edit App
  • Edit data types
  • Click the blue button
  • Enter "Wants" to name this new type
  • Click " Build object"
  • Select the "Bullet list" data object type to add a simple bullet point list to your application and list everyone's wishes and requests.

As a bonus, you can also add a link in each property record to select the “Wants” this property satisfies.

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