Simitless helps creators keep track of their sources

Simitless helps creators keep track of the intellectual property statuses of the elements they use in their creations
Simitless helps creators keep track of the intellectual property statuses of the elements they use in their creations

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Simitless helps creators keep track of the intellectual property statuses of the elements they use in their creations

You are a genius creator, an amazing copywriter, a renowned article wordsmith. Your copy convinces, your prose enlightens, your articles inform. In short, you are a proverbial illustration to the idiom “The pen is mightier than the sword”.  Apropos illustration, now that you have put the finishing touches to your new literary creation that already promises to be on everybody’s lips as soon as it is published, you are more than ever pressed for one indispensable tool. You urgently need to find a quick and easy way to track the intellectual property information pertaining to the photos you use to illustrate your articles on the one hand, and the stock images and video clips that you use to enhance your montages on the other.

Unfortunately, your genius extends solely to the domain of literary and artistic creation. All things data management, collection, and tracking are absolutely not your domain. In fact, you are not even sure how to approach this intellectual property information tracking conundrum at all. If only there was a ready-made solution for people like you, requiring minimum investment, both temporal and financial, and causing the least amount of headache in trying to understand how it works, be it on the most basic level ever. 

Well, you are in luck, as Simitless is right here to help you out. Simitless offers you its model of an intellectual property management application, ready for use straight away. Consult the application model, then click the " Use this model" button to create your own copy of the app. Simitless is a system that adapts to your needs. Plus, it is risk-free. To save your progress, think of creating an account by following the instructions on the green buttons! Once your application has been created from the model provided and if you are working in a team, invite all your employees/coworkers/teammates to join your application by creating a Simitless account. ( Edit application Access rights)

And just like that, your app is ready! Now, what this application offers you is a secure database to centralize all the intellectual property information you require for your artistic work. All that is left for you to do is to create one record per each item you use or make reference to in your own work. For each record, indicate the type of resource, its license, its source, its author, the use you intend it for, and a brief description. This information will allow you to easily keep track of which resources you have collected over the years are used, as well as how, and where they are used. If you want to make your list of resources public, go to the settings of your app and switch the app’s status from “private” to "open". Now the public is going to be able to consult the application and its data without being formally invited to join the app or create a separate account to do so. All that is left for you to do, to get the word out to the public, is to share your app’s web address. For example, you can include the link in the copyright notice of your website.

As you have seen, this simple yet powerful intellectual property management app gets you started quickly and easily. But it doesn’t end there. If what you need your app to track differs from what the model structure suggests, do not hesitate to modify the structure to match your needs. ( Edit app Edit data types). 

Go ahead and refine your app by adding the technical information specific to your precise use or, on the contrary, deleting the information fields recommended by the model, but for which you have no use at all as it does not fit in with the way you work.

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