Simitless helps agents follow-up on their interventions reports

Simitless helps your agents and technicians in the follow-up of their technical interventions and maintenance operations reports.
Simitless helps your agents and technicians in the follow-up of their technical interventions and maintenance operations reports.

App 5/60: Intervention tracking and reporting

Simitless helps your agents and technicians in the follow-up of their technical interventions and maintenance operations reports.

Your agents carry out their technical interventions and maintenance operations with an expert’s hand. They are efficient, work conscientiously and fast. They complete any and all operations to the greatest satisfaction of your customers (at least, most of the time). Unfortunately, at the end of the day full of interventions, their day is not over yet. They have to go back to the office and write up the details of all of their interventions throughout the day. Tired after a full day’s work, and possibly disheartened by having to spend even more time writing things up, there is no surprise that approximations and off-hand inaccuracies find their way into the summaries of the actions taken, not least due to the time that has passed between the interventions themselves and the writing of the report itself. As a result, your customers receive incomplete intervention reports. Worse still, certain operations might go unreported and, therefore, might not get billed. As a manager or a company director, there is no surprise that you would be on the lookout for a solution allowing for more professional management of intervention monitoring that is not going to break the bank of your small business.

This is where Simitless can definitely be of use to you, as it offers just the system you are looking for - simple, flexible, and affordable. A template for such an “Intervention Tracker” system is already in place. And you are only a few clicks away from introducing it into your work tools' arsenal. Simply review the application template and if you want to try it out, click the " Use this model" button to create your own copy of the template. The good news for every small business owner who has their own unique way of running their business is that Simitless is a system that adapts to your needs and is, to top all that, risk-free. To save your progress, think of creating an account by following the instructions on the green buttons! Once your app is all set up you can invite your teammates or colleagues to join the app to start working on it together. ( Edit app Edit user rights)

For each intervention, your technicians get access to an intervention sheet when they connect to the information system hosted on This sheet contains such data as information about the customer, the scheduled time of the appointment, geolocation derived from the address, but above all a text field, detailing the purpose of the intervention. Additionally, the app comes with a field where you can input a list of required tools. This field can of course be modified or deleted to better fit your needs. Last but not least, the app comes with a field dedicated to storing the written-up report as well as two time boxes - one, to indicate the start time of the intervention and the other, for the end time - that your technicians can use to generate a complete printable intervention report.

Your new application, hosted on Simitless, is a professional monitoring tool that is not only flexible but comes at a fraction of the cost of tailor-made software. The price you pay is calculated based on the volume of your data, the number of files you store on the platform, and the number of simultaneously logged-in users. You have control over your features and costs. At the end of the day, your collaborative contributions to the “Intervention tracking and reporting” app made on the Simitless platform amount to less overall time spent on the same intervention, less forgetting, better monitoring, and more professionalism.

As a bonus, keep in mind that the app you have just created can always be modified to better suit your needs. You can add such elements to your app as lists of spare parts, a pre-established price catalog (that you can set to “private” in your application), lists and prices of consumables, you can even create a billing system, a module for estimating costs, and much more. The sky is the limit!

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