Simitless helps teams improve their activity monitoring

Simitless helps teams improve their work performance with the help of a simple yet powerful activity monitoring tool.
Simitless helps teams improve their work performance with the help of a simple yet powerful activity monitoring tool.

App 4/60: Weekly Report

Simitless helps teams improve their work performance with the help of a simple yet powerful activity monitoring tool.

You are working hard, things are evolving, business is growing, in a word, things are looking up! Your company is building momentum, it is getting noticed for its excellence. Amazing news all around. And yet, you gradually become aware of how certain tasks seem to fall through the cracks. Every week, these tasks seem to slip your mind only to resurface a few weeks later, when they become urgent. Worse still, from time to time, your customers need to remind you that they are still waiting on their deliverables.

How can you improve your work processes, the stakeholders' perception of your projects, as well as your own awareness of the volume of work you complete each week?

Simitless offers a system that is free to try, easy to adopt, and affordable to run. Such a system can help you improve the potential shortcomings of your current work processes, and the good news is that you pay only for the value provided to you. Indeed, the price you pay is calculated according to how many resources (i.e. parallel connections, storage space, and data volumes) your applications use. And you are never going to be charged over what you have previously committed yourself to.

For the particular use case that I have been talking about in this little article, that is for needing a kind of weekly report application, Simitless has you covered. A “Weekly Report” model for exactly such an app is already available on the Simitless platform. And you are only a few clicks away from introducing it into your work tools' arsenal. As regards to the model, although simple at its core, the model can be easily enhanced, modified, and improved whenever you want to adapt your application to fit your needs more closely. The application model is available on Simitless as of now. All you need to do to access it is to go to the said application model page and click " Use this model".

Your app is ready for you to input your data. Test it out, use it, modify it as much as you need! To save your progress, think of creating an account by following the instructions on the green buttons! Once your app is all set up you can invite your teammates to join the app to start working on it together. ( Edit App Access Rights)

To optimally organize your work process, you can ask all your teammates to fill out a form each week by creating a new record. This form contain these fields: "Main objectives" (copied and adapted from last week, when possible), "Goals achieved", "Problems encountered" and "Objectives for the next week".

This simple exercise, likely to take 10 to 15 minutes of each individual’s time, will allow your teammates to reflect on their weekly activity and to gain perspective. Besides, you as a manager will be able to gain insight into the sort of problems encountered in a week of work by means of a straightforward report.

Improving your team’s results is really as simple as setting up such an app as the Simitless “Weekly report” app. Essentially, by inviting your employees to use this app, you are setting up a central point of information exchange that enables you, on the one hand, to make sure that all of you are moving in the same direction, and on the other hand, to start a discussion about performance management on your projects.

One more nifty tip before you go. If the tasks to be accomplished relate to a project, you can create a project sheet on Simitless, and then add a gauge indicating the rate of progress. This will allow you to detect any problems with the progress of the project! If you are not sure how to proceed, a Simitless consultant can intervene to help you set up your custom application. Contact us.

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