Simitless helps sellers track their outgoing orders

Simitless helps sellers track their outgoing orders.
Simitless helps sellers track their outgoing orders.

App 41/60: Order fulfillment Tracker

Simitless helps sellers track their outgoing orders.

Yesterday, you could go to bed with a feeling of relief and pride. You did your accounts and couldn’t believe your eyes. Although you were hoping for it, you did not want to give into the joyful feeling that you are out of the woods. But you finally are, your small shop does not cost you money but has finally started bringing in some, how amazing is that? In fact, your small shop’s business has grown so much that order management is becoming a problem. A good concern to have, some might insist. Indeed, you have customers coming in every day, asking for items that they cannot procure anywhere else but at your store. And all you can wish for now is a nifty system that could help you effectively track these orders that keep coming in. You are convinced that a small application geared towards tracking your customers' orders fulfillment would solve your issue in no time. But where to find one?

Well, have you checked out Simitless yet? Simitless has exactly what you are looking for – an application model, designed specifically for order fulfillment tracking. Nor frills, no unnecessary additions that sidetrack your productivity. It does what it says on the box, or, rather, in the description field. Consult the application model, then click the " Use this model"  button to create your own copy of the app. Simitless is a system that adapts to your needs. Plus, it is risk-free. How so, you wonder? Well, Simitless does not require any disproportionate investment upfront to set your application up and running: try out the app first and then pay only for the necessary resources. At any time, you can either improve and grow your application, or, on the contrary, reduce its size and cut down on its capabilities. We developed Simitless with one core idea in mind - to make an application that would adapt itself to the way you work, not the other way around. To save your progress, think of creating an account by following the instructions on the green buttons!

By default, your order tracking application only includes a single table that lists all the orders. You can use filters to customize the default view and save it using the "Saved Search" menu .

For each order that you input into your information system, provide the description of the item to be sent as well as the reference to the identifier of the sales platform (i.e. article reference on Amazon, Leboncoin or eBay). However, if you prefer, you can just replace this field with a link to the article page. Once this is done, go ahead and add the customer's name and addresses as well as personalization information. Finally, you can add the order reception date, payment status, shipment date and shipment tracking number. As a bonus, we've added an image gallery to your app – that way you can keep visual proofs of the state of the item about to be dispatched to the customer before shipment.

And here is your simple and easy to use application to manage your orders, all brand new and all ready. Nothing will ever slip through the cracks again, as you will know exactly which orders have been shipped and when. In addition, you can keep all the necessary supporting documents, be it receipts or photos, in a centralized and secure application. Rest assured that this app will not only save you money by improving tracking quality but will help you reduce, if not completely avoid, possible losses that poor order fulfillment could easily entail.

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