Simitless helps webmasters manage their sites

Simitless helps webmasters manage their sites.
Simitless helps webmasters manage their sites.

App 30/60: Website Manager

Simitless helps webmasters manage their sites.

Everybody knows you as the webmaster extraordinaire. Nobody can challenge your skill of crafting and managing the one-of-a-kind sites for your customers. The downside? The need to handle such a humongous amount of information. Between the hosting providers, the domains, the subdomains, the data pertaining to the technical management of your websites are scattered all over the place. Sounds neither secure nor reliable, wouldn’t you say?

But fear not, for this is no reason to give everything up, sell your business, move into the most remote village and become the hermit extraordinaire instead. Simitless has got your back, for it has a solution to your information management problem – a website portfolio management application model. Simply consult the application model, then click the " Use this model" button to create your own copy of the app. Simitless is a system that adapts to your needs. Plus, it is risk-free. To save your progress, think of creating an account by following the instructions on the green buttons!


The app is straightforward in its design and easy to adopt. What you get is a secure database where you can centralize all that scattered around information related to your websites. To start out, create one record for each site you manage. Add the domain name expiration information (to be able to see at a glance, which of your domains needs to be renewed next), site owner name, host name, and credentials, to have a complete record for each website.

This app lets you centralize all the information necessary to manage a given website. You can hence list the current SEO problems, installed plugins, social network information as well as track the things to be done on that site. No more excuses to drop the ball. 

And don’t worry, if you need to adjust the structure suggested by the model, modify it all you want to match your needs. ( Edit app Edit data types)

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